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As the first production boat in a very small production run from a very unique and famous boat building family, Big Sky has a rich history ....​

Restoration History

Spectacular images of Big Sky from her early days in the shop at Stan-Craft to the cover of Classic Boating Magazine and beyond.

Articles and Award History

Big Sky has had a distinguished career in boat shows across the United States and as the feature boat in a number of national publications.  Here is just a small sample of her achievements ....

Want to Hear What the Best Early 1940's Boat Racing Technology Sounds Like?  Just click the music note in the image below ....
​A Tribute to Stan Young

“I never took my childhood for granted.  I loved the lake and inherited my father's passion for boats.  I learned everything I could from him.  He was the master of my life”

Syd Young speaking of his father Stanley Young who designed and built Big Sky in 1946.

Big Sky Can be a Star For You!
Big Sky may be available to be a supporting star in your movie, advertisement, corporate outing, or special personal event ....
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